American Express’ High Yield Investment Secret

It came in the mail this morning.

Another OFFER from American Express.

If you are like me you probably get a credit
card offer a few times per week not only with
credit card companies you do NOT do business
with but multiple offers from those you do.

American Express is company that I have an
account with and they still continue to pursue me
in order to get my business with new cards, better
cards, etc.

And here was today’s ‘TEASER’ in getting me to
start doing business with them again….

The Large headline on the envelope read:

“Compare Our High Yield Savings Account’s .85%
APY to others”

Read that again. It is .85%! Not even a 1% annual
return on my money??

And this is what is supposed to ‘lure’ me into
starting a business relationship with them??


Don’t get me wrong. American Express is a great
company and those folks know more about financial
investments than I probably ever would in my lifetime
but why would they try to ‘get me’ with a return on my
money of less than 1%?

It is because many investors accept this as ‘THE WAY IT
IS’ and well, if this is the way it is then I guess you cannot
expect too much more, so, these well meaning investors go
ahead and take them up on their offer.

But here is the catch – This is NOT the way it is!

I can say CONFIDENTLY that my investment partners
and client, in many cases, 5 – 10 X this return – in some cases
EASILY 10 X this return!

And with arguably LESS RISK than to entrust their money

Unfortunately, we have seen over the last few years what
happens when you bank on the Wall Street crowd.

Here is one example. I just had a nice easy to invest in
apartment property come available. This is the kind of
low risk project that is perfect for the first time investor
or someone that has been around the block a bit too.

Plus, it has a small barrier of entry to get AT MINIMUM A
4 X, 5 X and higher projected rate of return than what AMEX wants
to give, PLUS, there is all of the income tax benefits
and ZERO management benefits as well.

I admit that I do not have all of the investment answers but when
many well meaning folks get the impressions that .085% is the BEST
they can do, well, I beg to differ…. Big time!

You can check out the info on the project above to find out or
you can ask any of my current investment partners and / or clients

Providing easy to invest in alternatives that give our investment
partners/clients up to 7, 10 or even more the benefit of most other
WALL STREET investments.

Even in this economy…


PS. Have a great week!

A Couple of REAL Properties Investors Are Involved In. Video Example

For sometime now I have been talking about and answering questions regarding the Heartland Investment Partners Flagship Fund.

This is a great passive real estate investment alternative for accredited investors and to date we have almost 200 partners involved in the fund.

I have sent a lot of information out to curious investors over the last couple of weeks and am sure more will follow too.


One question that I get quite a bit is: “What are the properties really like?”

In answer to that I have been sending a copy of our property holdings catalog which does go a long way in describing what special things we have going on here.


Based on the questions I get form investors AFTER they receive the catalog I thought I would pull two properties out of the catalog and talk about them in some detail in
terms of:

1. Why we own them? What was the thought process?
2. The benefits of owning these properties…what are they really?
3. Why a 100 unit apartment property?
4. Why a 74,000 square foot commercial property?


How it all fits together…

The quick presentation I have for curious investors that want to dig a bit deeper into our property holdings and have the curtain pulled back a little bit can be accessed right

So, after you have had a chance to review this quick presentation and dig a little deeper feel free to get back to me with any questions or comments. Always interested in hearing from you.

I was out most of yesterday inspecting some possible
apartment investments/purchases.

My travels, with my partner Jason Rogers, took us
about an hour and a half West of Cedar Rapids to
look at two (24) unit properties.

We arrived early in the morning and were greeted
by the properties owners. The owners, who were
both headed toward their late 70’s, decided they
wanted to meet us and talk about the properties
and the properties’ intricacies in person vs. having
a manager do it.

It was appreciated.

We spent about the first 30 minutes getting to
know them and they told us the history of when they
purchased the property, how well it’s done over
the years and why they were interested in selling
the units now.

It was during this conversation that ‘Mr. Owner’ told
us that these apartments had been responsible in
large part to the following:

1) A vacation home in Hawaii
2) A resort owned in Minnesota and…
3) A helicopter purchase!

That is right. Helicopter!

Mr. Owner was a helicopter pilot during the
Vietnam War and had a love for flying those birds,
so, why not own one?

This friends REALLY shows the power of what
a great apartment property investment can do for you.

Recently, I have been talking about how you can
use apartment ownership to replace your income but
this takes it to a whole different level. Heck, you
(like these folks) can use Heartland apartment
properties to not only replace your income but
so much more!

Maybe buy your own vacation home in Hawaii or
YES even your own helicopter.

A good ‘starter’ property would be my upcoming
​property located by a very busy shopping mall that will be ready
​by January 1 but I will be making it available now to qualified investors..

This is the kind of property that is not only one of the best
projects that I have had come up this year it is one that allows
you to leap frog into the same world that these owners were in.

Of course this one investment will not produce these things overnight.

But with a little time and allowing the rental market
and management to work its ‘magic’ you can be
making BIG BIG strides towards these kinds of
financial milestones.

Isn’t it something?

So, before I forget if you want some brief information sent
​PROPERTY  just reply to this email and
type the words ’MALL PROPERTY’ in the subject line. I will then
have brief information sent to qualified investors.

The information on not only the returns and benefits
of owning this project but will also let you know what
kind of steps you would need to take to get involved in
this kind of project and the qualifications to get involved too.

And maybe some day be on the road to owning your OWN HELICOPTER?

IF not now..when?

Providing you great investment alternatives, even
in this economy!


Video Shows How You Can Register To Review Our Partners’ Property Holdings

It is a question I get at least a few times per week..

What Do You Guys Own? What Does It Look Like?  How Are
The Properties Doing? What Can I Expect If I Were To Invest In
These Properties?

I have an easy to follow video not only on how to register with
us but also how to get access to the current properties owned but
also for any future properties we purchase and add to our holdings
as well.

Here it is:

So, register and take a look at your convenience.  Being fully informed
is what we want for all of our investors and partners.

Have a terrific day!

Darin Garman

Video Shows How I Lock In Surprising Profits

You know, it happens more often than you would think.

But some people have a hard time believing it.

I am talking about commercial investment property owners,
in most cases apartment owners, selling their properties at
a discount and leaving money on the table.

Many times with my investment partners and clients waiting to take
advantage of the discounted purchase.

A little later in this email I am going to share a real case
study video that shows you a REAL case study on how and
why this happens and how our investors get involved in these
and profit too.

But for now lets talk about the skeptic. The skeptic would be
thinking the following:

“Why would anyone sell their property at a discount and take
a financial hit?” C’mon Garman!

I know, it sounds crazy. But it happens, more than you would

Bare with me while I get a little technical because
it is important to know this….

First, lets take the owner that is in financial trouble off the table.

This person is an obvious candidate for selling at a discount
and many of these people do contact me.

We will also take repos and foreclosures off of our list.

As you know I get many of these people / institutions
contacting me too and my investment clients / partners
of course love this.

So, let’s put these situations away as “self-explanatory”

Now on to the MOST COMMON reason an owner ends up selling
their investment property at a discount.

Before I tell you this MOST COMMON REASON and the kind of discount I
run into MOST OFTEN you need to understand that contrary to
popular belief what I am about to tell you IS the most common
reason investment property owners sell at a discount.

You see most investment property owners do not know the
following OR choose not to care:

*They don’t know what market rent should be.

*They don’t know how to shave thousands in expenses fast.

*The don’t know how to increase occupancy.

*They don’t know how to increase income fast.

In other words most investment property owners are good
owners but not good investors.

And that is it: Most investment property owners do not know
they are leaving money on the table when they sell because
they do not know the answers to the items I mentioned above.

They are more concerned about fixing faucets, getting lawns
mowed, keeping residents happy. All important items to be
sure but when it comes time to sell they are way behind on having
a very profitable sale.

Because they choose to be ‘landlords’ vs. ‘investors’

Here is the video that explains this with a REAL property

Now, this does not mean the owner doesn’t necessarily lose
money at the closing, he may actually make money on his
investment while still leaving money on the table.

That happens a lot too.

Quick: My investment partners and I purchased
a 12 unit for $380,000. The owner paid $200,000+ for it in
1982 so he made money. Problem is, this is a $540K property
easy IF you really knew what you had. He either really did not
know what he had (did not raise rent since 2007)

Also, this is of course not saying all investment property owners
are guilty of this either because if that was the case I would be
telling you about one every day vs. an average of one every
few months.

But the real key to all of this is two-fold:

1. Getting access to these investment properties.
2. Knowing what to look for in the first place. YOU have to have
the knowledge these owners do not in order to profit.

It is as simple as knowing something they don’t know BUT you
DO have to know it and you DO need the access.

This is the key to all profitable investing. Knowing what others
don’t know and this is why our investment partners and clients
work with us.


The knowledge, relationship and ultimate property purchase
turn them into an investment property expert with the same
results without really having to be that expert.

It’s great.

In this one email I have given you a lot of information or as some
would call ’secrets’ to doing well financially, especially between
now and the end of the year.

Now, its up to you to contact me to get this formula working for you.
319-350-5378 or

If not now, when?


Made In The USA Investing And What I Think About It.

There is something that I really like about
the investment real estate that my clients,
investment partners and myself get involved in…

And it has nothing to do with cash flows, returns
equity build up or tax savings either.

It doesn’t even have to do with building wealth!

Though those things are good and provide my
partners and myself nice financial benefits it is
just really part of a bigger story really.

It has to do more with colors of Red, White and

I think every investment that you make has some
kind of intangibles attached to them. What I
mean by ‘intangibles’ is something that is a nice
benefit to the investment but does not have a direct
impact on the performance of that investment.

But indirectly, these intangibles can have a huge
impact on the investment and not only how it
performs but how well people like being involved in
the investment in the first place.

Case in point is our investment real estate properties
here in the Heartland. A big intangible is not only are
these located in the Heartland of America but they
are definitely MADE IN THE USA!

For those of you investors that are not currently residing in
the USA this email is not a knock or a criticism with the fiber of
what YOUR country or its intangibles provides. The rest
of this email will be mostly about the “US”
although the content and message is equally applicable to
you too.

Owning good ‘ol US of A investment real estate, especially
here in the Heartland of America, provides not only the benefits
of a good investment but also provides:

1. Employment for those that paint, mow lawns, shovel snow.
2. Provides shelter for those that need it and business and
or entrepreneur space for those that need it.
3. Tax revenue that supports our infrastructure.
4. Capitalism at its best where investors can choose (or not)
to invest, how much, how long, etc.
5. Expanded Investment Opportunity.
6. Pride of Property Ownership, Pride of Investment.
7. Ability to achieve financial goals.
8. Transparent Management and Reporting where there is accountability.
9. Fun! Yes, I said FUN!
10. Quality Properties. Quality US partners and Quality Resources!

And much, much more! The list is endless!

Many would say such things I mentioned above
apply to items built or manufactured here in the US
like automobiles.

I agree, they would.

But they ALSO apply to the investment side of things
as well. The US of A was built on the backs of heavy
investment. Investment properties that I talk about in
my emails to you continue a long tradition of that -

Along with this comes a sense of pride. A sense
of accomplishment. A sense of enthusiasm
for what tomorrow will bring.

And its “MADE” here in the USA!

This is something that is really more than an
intangible. What is really is is a much brighter
future for you and those you care about.

This will really hit home in about three weeks
when I have my Investor Discovery Day.

In September there will be investors here from
all over the (and some other countries too)
taking a REAL look at investment opportunity

There is still time to get involved in this yourself!

There are a few spots still open with a maximum of
15 spots available. Having said this I would think
these spots will fill up very, very fast so you will want
to get your spots reserved quickly at:

Send me an email to sign up and be a part of this!

To see how these investments operate and the benefits
of being an investment Made in the USA is something
that not a lot of people will really know about.

Or get the opportunity to benefit from.

But “my” investors get to and if you join us in September you will too.

I urge you to take one of those last spots remaining and
see for yourself what this is really like and how you can
really benefit. Those that will attend will find a very
memorable day and a half.

So the next time you hear MADE IN THE USA its not
just about manufacturing or industry – its is also about
investment. Your investment.

Proudly providing you investments made in the USA!


New Book From Darin…

Hey There..

Even though the next opportunity for accredited investors
to be involved in our ‘Flagship Fund’ is coming up here in
September you can get some advance notice on what I
call “A – Z” passive (or even active) real estate investing
information that can prove downright useful…

I just got done releasing my newest book:

Paranoid InvestorAn Investment Trilogy Describing Alternative

Investments for the Paranoid Investor”

And, to say it’s jam packed with useful investment information
is putting it mildly…


As the U.S. economy, global financial markets and political landscapes
continue to be unpredictable roller coaster rides investors are finding
conventional investing emotionally and financially draining.

Many conventional market based investments continue to be influenced
by national and global events that in many cases have nothing to do with
the investment frustrating investors even more.

Over the years I have written about real estate investing as one of the last
investments refuges for investors seeking a more predictable return, income
and investment. From hands on investors or what I call “Active Landlords” to
the completely passive investor in apartments, shopping centers and other
commercial properties my books over the years have been a guide for many
investors that are tired of what the conventional markets offer by way of
investment benefits.

Now in this book passive or active real estate investors can profit and get
the kinds of investment returns and benefits they deserve as I bring my three
most read and talked about books to you under one cover!

Not only do we have opportunities to invest in our Flagship Fund
but we also do have individual properties we purchase too from
time to time that you may want to entertain for investment.

You can get more information on this book by going here:

So, as a way of passing on some quality investment information
(especially if you are like me) and as a good start in walking down
the investment path toward the September’s Flagship Fund being
open to new investors I thought this would be a great investment
for your investment tool box.

I will keep in touch, keep you notified and you do the same.

Have a great weekend!

Darin R. Garman, Manager
Heartland Investment Partners, LLC

Record Breaking IRA/401(k) Roll Over Investing (VIDEO)

Well, we just cracked last years numbers.

And we are at the highest level we have ever been
at in my 20 + year banking and investment real
estate career.

Broke the record actually.

What I am talking about is just yesterday we surpassed
the record set last year for IRA / 401(k) roll over
investments into apartments and commercial investment
real estate here.

It was the latest high yield apartment property that I
had been talking about now for a few weeks that really
started to get the IRA and 401(k) numbers moving.

You can see why with the kind of tax deferred benefits
that this project will have coming in.

Not a huge surprise really that this was the property that
tipped the scales. Large returns and cash flows coming
in all tax deferred!


BUT the surprising thing IS we have already surpassed
all of last years IRA / 401(k) rollovers and we are just a
little over half way through this year!

Yeah, it’s a big deal for sure but I am not going to go out
and polish off a lot of booze, take tomorrow off or throw
a big party because there is still a heck of a lot of work to do yet.

And still many investors with IRA/401(k)’s looking for a much
happier home for them then where they are now.

So, why the big increase?

Two reasons mainly…

1. Easy to do. We have literally done hundreds of IRA / 401(k)
rollovers and transfers for our investment clients and partners.

We have this down to a science and even have made it so simple that
our partners and clients are surprised at how fast and how little they
have to do to get things started.

It sounds like something that would be complicated right??

Well, it’s not, not anymore anyway and our investors absolutely love
this kind of service.

2. Tax Deferred Return, Cash Flow and Capital Preservation For
Something Very Important.

Lets face it. Investors retirement monies are really their most important
monies right? Well, you want the best return, cash flow and wealth
benefits for that important money while keeping your risk super low.

That’s important and that is the second reason why we broke the record.

We provide investors a safer more profitable alternative for their IRA / 401(k).

Really, simple as these two things.

If this is something you have been thinking of and want to explore
exactly how you would go through this process with your IRA or
401 (k) you can simply click on this link (and check out the brief
video) here to start getting the ball rolling – at least getting
information on what some of these steps are you would need to take:

Imagine having your IRA / 401(k) being a huge wealth building
tool for you vs. something you just get grouchy about when you
look at those monthly (or quarterly) statements.

It’s good to see we are breaking records and for all of the right
reasons. If you are not involved in our record breaking year
I have a simple question for you…
When will you???

Making record breaking IRA/401(k) profits easy to obtain, even
in this economy.


Kicked When You Are Down Investing

It is a long time to be driving not counting the necessary
stops that you had to make from time to time.

So, when I was working for a few days last week before
the 4th of July holiday, going from one property to the next,
I had plenty of time in the truck driving.

So, I spend a lot of this driving time on the phone with
my investment clients, partners and potential clients
getting questions answered, talking about our investments
or simply catching up.

Since I had two similar calls with investment partners
already this morning even though these partners do not know
each other and both are located in opposite ends of the
country I thought it important for you to see how investors
just like you made some decisions and made some pretty
fantastic progress.

Because I think you will probably be able to relate to
this story and benefit tremendously from it.

My third call was to Ann who is involved in two investment
properties with me. She just got started with owning
investment real estate a little over a year ago.

Ann just had some questions about one of the properties and
the upcoming quarterly statements and property distributions.

After I told Ann how the properties would be doing this
quarter she told me that “this was such a welcome change
from her stock mutual fund investments that she had for
many years…many years too long.”

For a few years the investments Ann was in did very well
but then when the economy changed the investment changed.

Into a downward spiral.

Sure, it would increase one quarter here, one quarter there but
overall is kept going down.

“It felt like I was being kicked when I was down” is what
she told me. There would be a small drop in value then a small
uptick in value then an even larger drop in value months later.

All very frustrating.

All of this went on as months would pass by. Time needed
to increase Ann’s investment NOT have it decrease.

She told me she no longer had 15 – 30 years for the market
to catch up and get her the investment payoff that she would
need to be able to do the things she wanted to do.

What finally got Ann to MAKE THE MOVE to being one of
my investment partners was a 30+% LOSS she had on her
monies in the fund over a 14 month period of time.

She admittedly stayed with the investment too long but thought
that she should stay IN the investment, even though she was
down because she wanted to at least make back the principal
amount that she had invested.

She had had it!

Now she has not made up all of her losses yet but by the way
it looks she should be there by either the end of this year or
beginning part of next year.

Not too bad when you consider she had years of losses and
frustration too.

Now that is what I call positive and exciting investment progress.

Can you relate to Ann’s story?

Are you?….

*In an investment that you know you need to get out of.
*Hate opening up your quarterly investment statements
*Hoping to just get your principal investment back?
*Do not have the convenience of time anymore to help
you with any of those past losses.
*Think that you are a long term investor and things will
eventually work out ok?

It is hard to make any kind of investment decision and
heck even an investment into investment real estate I
know when your current investment is taking on losses.

The tendency is to wait and see what happens because
you think it will ‘for sure’ go back to where it once

It’s a tough decision and many people just decide to
ride it out and see what happens.

That’s fine but there is an alternative that many have
found and it’s making a profound difference.

But there are those that decide they have had enough
and call me to do something about it. The losses and
frustrations are just too much.

And just a few months later their investment world
changes from worry and frustration to actually being
very happy and looking forward to what the future is
going to hold for them and their investments.

Sure, investment real estate is unconventional and being
aligned with me (a guy in Iowa?) is also unconventional
but we are in unconventional times are we not?

And to get unconventional investment benefits you need
to think, well, unconventional.

Otherwise another 6 – 12 months will go by with nothing
to show for your hard work.

Recent projects have been off the table very quickly.

These would have been a good start.

There are also others coming up that you could get
priority notification on too. These could make a huge
difference too.

My phone number is 319-350-5378 and my email is to get the ball rolling. To
at least start getting the priority notifications.

Really, if not now, when?

Providing you NEEDED unconventional investment progress
even when the economy keeps kicking you when you are down.


The Impact of Rising Interest Rates


If you have not had a chance yet to tune into my podcast
where I went into detail on the coming rise in interest rates (later this
year) and how this will impact investors like you – you may want to
tune in here:


I hope the information is helpful to you and I always welcome any

Have a terrific day and weekend!