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Many people contact me about possible partnership opportunities. In the event you would have an interest in any possible upcoming partnership opportunities that I describe in my book “The 9 Month Investment” all you need do is fill in the form below and this gets you on my Investor Priority List.

Now let me tell you what it’s like to be on the Priority List.

You get first notice of investments that pass my litmus test that my investment clients, investment partners and myself plan on getting involved in. Also, as a member of my Priority Investor List you ALSO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET INVOVLED IN THESE INVESTMENT TOO! So, it is not only EASY to be on my Investor Priority List but also profitable.

Two quick things. 1) There is NO OBLIGATION. If you join my Investor Priority List you are not obligated to invest in anything. No one will be bugging you or putting any kind of pressure on you either. So, no need to be concerned about all that since I am very ‘Anti Wall Street’ there is not high pressure. 2) You do though need to be a SERIOUS INVESTOR! Only join my Priority List if you are a SERIOUS INVESTOR. If you do not plan on investing in the next few years nor have enough capital in regular or IRA / 401 (k) then there is no need to get on the list.

Lastly, being on the Priority List is not a solicitation to sell securities and should not be deemed as such. Darin is not selling securities nor is he a licensed securities dealer.

See ya!

Darin Garman
The 9 Month Investment.

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