The New Economy and What Kind of Investing Does Not Work Anymore

If you have not noticed we are in a New Economy.


This New Economy is probably around to stay.

What I am finding is those investors that are NOT taking the
right ‘investment steps’ are having problems getting any kind
of REAL tractions out of their investments.

Many are (or have) looking at lower balances in their
savings accounts, mutual funds, IRA’s, 401(k)’s etc.

Especially compared to what those balances USED to be.

So…In other words…

What Used To Work Does Not Work So Well

In this brief fireside video I take this topic head on and
focus on:

1) The New Economy We Are In And How We As Investors
Need to Think Differently.

2) How The Old Way of Saving Money Is Ineffective In The
New Economy and What To Do About It.

3) How The Political Environment Plays Such a Huge Part in
The Outcome of Most Investments and Not To Be Held
Hostage By It.

4) The Most Dangerous Thing You Could Do, Right Now,
That Many Investors Unknowingly Engage In All The Time.

There is more.

This is a chat just for my members – you! If you feel there is someone
that could benefit from this information I have no problem if you want to
pass it on but it is intended for your eyes and ears.

You can watch my Fireside Chat Here:

After you watch it give me your feedback! Send me an email with your
thoughts. I may share some of your thoughts with the entire group.

So, do take some time out this weekend to watch
this brief video. The information will help you – tremendously! Especially if
you are a paranoid as me when it comes to investing!

Darin Garman

PS. Here is that link again:

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