Liquidity Secret: How To Get Your Money Out Of Your Investment Properties Early

Late last week we had a member call in day.

You know, time set aside to call in and ask any
question about apartments, investment real estate,
the economy, investing, LLC’s, how does it
REALLY work investing with me,
how often are distributions, what are the risks,
returns, cash flows, etc., etc.

I could go on for another few pages.

But there was ONE question I got almost from
each and every caller and thought that YOU would
want to know what that question was.

Since I had so many investors asking this question
I have a feeling that many of you too are asking
this as well.

Here it is…

When Do I Get My Investment Back (Return of Investment)
from the property(s)? / What if I Need To Sell A Property Or
My Interest In A Property Early?

Let’s hit these two quickly.

If you own your own apartment property here say 100% of it like
many investors do it is simply a matter of telling me you
want to sell the asset (apartment property) and I find a buyer
for the property.

Whether it’s later, earlier, etc. I find a buyer for the apartment
property you own, you agree to a sales price that makes
financial sense to you and then sell the property.

Of course some of this is also based on value of the property,
market conditions, demand, etc. but it is simply a matter of
telling me you want the property sold and once it is sold you
have your investment and return on that investment in your

Again that is for investors that own (in this example)
their apartments 100%.

Now, what if you are one of my partners where you do NOT own
the property 100% and you want to sell your partnership interest
early for whatever reason.
How does that work?

Well, actually, pretty much the same way.

What usually happens is say you own a 30% interest in an apartment
property and you need to sell today for whatever reason.

More than likely one of the other partners in this property will be the
one that buys your interest since they have a lot of familiarity with
the apartment property.

By the way, this happens over 90% of the time.

But, what happens if none of the other partners can or want to buy?

What then?

I sell your 30% interest (in this example) to an outside investor
looking for a great apartment property with good return and track

This happens about 10% of the time.

So, how long does each of these processes take?

On average about 30-60 days from start to finish.

Here is the key….

The funny thing is MANY people WRONGLY believe that
investment real estate is NOT a liquid kind of investment when,
at least to the investors that deal with me on a daily basis, that
is NOT the case.

It is about the same as pulling your money from one of your
brokerage accounts AND in most cases there is LESS paperwork

Plus, it’s all done for you with a great staff that knows what
they are doing too!

That is it!

So, I am really hoping this has not been keeping you on
the fence and missing out on some of the projects that I
have been talking about because if it IS the reason you
have been WRONGLY missing out on some fantastic

Unfortunately you have missed out on owning a
very, very nice investment that would have made
a huge difference to your net worth and income.

Fortunately, now you know you do not have to miss
out anymore!

Providing answers to the most important questions
on investors’ minds, even in this economy!


“We Look Forward to the Next Deal with Darin!”
“Not being familiar with the commercial investment real estate market, we needed
someone that could get us into a great long-term apartment deal without worrying
about getting “stuck” with a bad apartment property or making a mistake that could
cost us thousands of dollars. Darin was recommended to us and in no time found the
right property for my mother to complete a tax deferred exchange. Look forward to the
benefits of this great apartment property and to working with Darin on our next deal.”
–Gary Cummings, San Diego, CA

© Darin Garman, 2013
The Paranoid Banker
Heartland Investment Real Estate, LLC
743 10th St.
Marion, IA 52302

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