Are You In A Laughable Investment?

Sometimes things DO go as planned.


You probably know the old saying, “If You
Want To Make God Laugh Just Tell Him
Your Plans.”

Boy have I known that over the years.

I am sure you can probably relate to this too
one way or another. Especially if you have
had an ‘investment plan’ in place now for
quite some time – in whatever investment
it happens to be – only to see that it is
not doing what you had planned….

I know how it goes, “If I can just make X%
on our (my) investment for the next 10 years we
will be where we PLANNED on being.” or
something like that.

And then you find out that you are not
going to get there, in some cases not even

But today is a day where the PLAN DOES

You see, I just finalized the purchase of a
project that is not only low, low risk but
will return to the investors in it over 14.8%
over the next four years!

14.8%!! – Locked In Return – Over the next
four years!

This is a great real estate investment project!

You see the investors in my Heartland Discount
Fund II will be the happy recipients of this little
gem. You probably recall that over a month or
so period of time I told you about the Discount
Fund, what some of the focus of the fund would
be as well as went over some track record
statistics too.

Maybe you took part in the online presentation or
maybe I sent you more information on this…

Well, not surprisingly this went pretty fast especially
in light of what the alternatives are out there in
terms of not only just return on your investment
but risk as well.

So plans DO work out after all!

(By the way, if you DID miss out on this and want to
be in line RIGHT NOW for my next FUND you may
want to send me an email request at
or call me at 319-350-5378 so we can fix that and
I will get you that “line pass” – but you have to
email or call me to do so!)

So, right now the focus is getting this one under our belts
and start working on the next one.

With a very good possibility that the next one could even
be better.

One thing that I have discovered is that your plans
need to have some flexibility to them. Especially
those dealing with investing.

I mean if something does not work why keep
doing it?

In the world of investing I realize this is easier said
than done because you always think that it WILL get

And SOMETIMES it does!

But many times it doesn’t…And won’t.

So, what are your investing plans?

How are they going?

Is what you are doing now REALLY going to get you to
where you really want and need to be?

Is it time for some flexibility?

Ok, enough with the questions from me but
I want you to know that when most investors get
involved with us they wish they would have asked these
questions a long time ago and gotten involved with us
a long time ago.

And with a safe investment like this returning almost 15%
over just a three to four month period it will do better than
most peoples regular investment for the entire year.

Yes, I do love it when a plan works.

Providing you the best investment alternatives, even if
your current investing plans are not working out like you
thought they would. Even in this economy!


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