Forced Investing In Toll Roads..

My forced investment notice came in the mail this morning.

I am talking about my very own and personal forced
investment packet.

I am now one of thousands that get to invest in
the Illinois Toll Road System by force.

Force from whom?

The Illnois Tollway!

This nice little ‘love letter’ stated that I not only
missed three tolls from June through September
of LAST YEAR but I also have to pay interest
on the money as well.

So, cost of the tolls that I missed: $2.70

Cost of my forced investment (fines) into the
Illinois Tollway: $62.70

I am not sure what the return is on that little
number over a one year period but my guess is
it is like 1,000% or even more!

I guess I am in the wrong business.

Truth be told my family and I take a few long
weekend trips to Chicago and are very good
about paying tolls but evidently I missed one
in June of 2011 and the other two in September
of 2011.

And it cost me over 1,000%!

Sure, the $62.70 is not going to kill me but when
I could have paid just $2.70? Now that hurts.

Many of my investment partners and clients have
referred to investment real estate properties that they
own to be their own little toll booths with some
predictably pumping out profits month after
month year after year.

Just like traffic needs to pay the tolls to get through
from point A to point B the same goes with investment
real estate.

I mean people need to rent apartments, need a roof over
their head in a nice safe and affordable manner.

They need to rent our apartments just like many of us
need to get through the tolls.

Only their “toll” is the rent that they pay on the apartments.

That is why the Heartland Discount Investment that I talked
about yesterday is so good. Not only does it take advantage of
what people need to pay (like a toll booth) but it takes that need and
puts it in the form of profits on the investor that participates
in such an investment.

Now, the Heartland Discount Investment won’t get you 1,000%
but when the track record of the investment so far is well over
15% shouldn’t it be something you should check out?

This is documented too.

Remember from my earlier emails I said that I thought this
was going to be the best investment of the year. I did not
say that lightly because, as you know, there is lots of great
competition for that title.

But it is.

And its one that you definitely cannot miss out on. Not
only because of the great returns you will see but also because
of the low barrier of entry to all investors.

So you don’t need a full six figures to get into this investment.

Heck, you don’t even need half that much.

So I know I made the “Big Announcement” on this already
but in case you have not signed up to be on the three online
presentations where I go over the Heartland Discount Investment in detail then I wanted to make sure that you were going to be able to do it!

Here is how you get on the online seminar this week.
Simply click here:

I am having the online presentations at two times over this week to suit as many of you as possible. So, I hope you can make at least just one of these.

You really need to since this could be what you have really been
looking for.

Again, here is the link to register:

Remember that you MUST register! You cannot get on the presentation
unless you do. It takes about 1 minutes.

Lastly, as you can probably tell I am really excited about this. I
think this will be a real “game changer” for the investor that is
looking for results.

Results just like a toll booth!

Providing you high return toll booth investing – even in this economy!


P.S. For those that attend the webinar too I am going to let them have my book “The Wealthy Investors Guide To High Income and High Return
Real Estate” that I will be giving to those that attend. Really, it does
not get any better than this does it?

Oh yeah, except the 1,000% return from the Illinois Toll Road!


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