Wham! Double Digit Invesment Return Policy

You know sometimes things just
don’t work out.

Everything could be going along just
fine and then all of a sudden…


Your plans change.

I don’t know about you but I have
more stories about the things that
did not work out and plans changing
than the things that did.


Sure, you have control over a lot
of things in life but there are some
things that you cannot control,
surprise you and end up taking you
off course. In short..

Life Happe ns! WHAM!

Of course when it comes to my
investors they know that in the event
that life happens to abruptly change
their investing plans they can take
advantage of what I call the Unofficial
Heartland Investment Return Program.

What is it?

Let me explain by using a REAL example.

An investment partner got involved in a
couple of real nice properties about 5 – 6
years ago. His intentions were to be
involved as an owner and partner with me
in these properties for about 7 – 10
years at least.

Well, as life would have it, about a year
ago he decided to quit his job and start his
ow n sales business. Good for him!


However, as with any new business and
especially a business that has just gotten
started cash infusions are important for
the business. Well, after about 12 months
or so he needed a cash infusion.

He contacted me and told me he wanted to
sell his&nb sp;property holding investments (with me)
and use the cash for his business.

Most would think this would be difficult to
do or fraught with problems as well as
complicated or take a long, long time.

Not the case!

The good thing about how I set up these
investments for my clients is that it is set up
KNOWING tha t life happens.

So, did he get his money out of these projects
soon after he requested it?

No problem! Got it done for him and he got the
working capital his business really needed.

And he was happy! You see, with me WHAM!
can go the other way and be a good thing and
its because I have these investments pretty much
engineered for life happens situations like my
friends here. I have the WHAM! factor covered!

Speaking of WHAM!….And Having Your Back…

The individual investor that decided to invest in
the Double Digit 20 Unit property (that was available
about a month ago or so) has had to back
out due to not having enough capital to purchase
the property on his own.

The good news? This Double Digit 20 unit is
now available again! Many of you that wanted to
be IN on this and were disappointed about the
property being gone so fast can feel much better
about this now.

Here is the video on the property


So, if an interest in being involved in this double digit property
make sure you get in touch with me asap! My phone
number is 319-350-5378!

I love it when the WHAM! goes the other way too but
no matter which side you end up….I have your back

Providing easy investment solutions even in this
crazy economy…


P.S. I love nothing more than having happy
investors that work with me. By working hard every
day to make our investors the happiest investors
on the planet I can even provide a real sense of
security from those WHAM! moments when many
other investments cannot. This is very satisfying
to me and my investment clients.

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