Traumatized Investors Surprise Pay Day

I guess in my 45 years I don’t really remember seeing anything like it.

In a way I guess the more that I think about it I don’t think it is really that strange because I think investors are more traumatized now than
ever before.

In today’s world Its tough to see the forest through
the trees or lose sight of what your primary investment
focus should be.

What I am talking about is the amount of “new”
investments that are being touted all over the
radio, internet and even TV.

Sure IPO’s like Facebook, which is available to the
public today, are no new thing for investors to
get involved in. (Whether you think that company < /span>
will be around in 4 – 5 years is a completely different
topic and based on how that offering goes today we
will know by tomorrow what The public thinks of it)

But it is the ‘OTHER’ investments that have me
scratching my head.

Why this morning I heard a pitch on the radio for
‘Rare Coin Investing’. Seriously? Rare coin investing?
I have to tell you I have NEVER heard a pitch on a
nationally syndicated radio show for Rare Coin

Here are a few others I have heard being pitched..

*Lease Financing Models
*Copper Mines – Own your very own mine!

Then there are some of the other investments that you hear
about like Gold, Silver, etc.

Problem is that you never really heard ANY of
these kinds of investments being marketed so
heavily UNTIL investment yields on traditional investments
like CD’s, Bonds, Stocks and money markets went into the tank.

For example, I stopped at my bank on Wednesday and while there
got a CD rate chart. Average yield on a CD for 48 months
is 1.96%. 1.96%! For four years!

This is why you see things like Rare Coins being marketed as an
investment because investors are looking for higher
yields and in many cases bending over backwards and
taking unnecessary risks to get that yield.

Unfortunately, what comes with higher yields many times is
higher risk. Even those bank CD!’s come with more risk
today than ever before because of the shaky foundation
that many banks are still on – even at a whopping 1.96%.

Again because investors are traumatized and with so many
different ‘investments’ being touted it is easy to get sidetracked!

There is one exception though. One investment that can
get your investment focus back on track…

The investment properties here in Iowa.

Many traumatized investors have found investment real es tate
here in Iowa to be their ’safe place’ away from all of
that trauma. They HAVE seen the forest through the trees.

Not only investors from across the U.S. but also investors
from around the globe too. I just talked with an investor from
India yesterday as a matter of fact.

Forest Through the Trees Properties like:

the 20 unit with a 12%+ overall return
the 48 unit with a 11%+ overall return

are the kind of investments that are right under many
investors noses but they cannot see them because they are
looking for those low worry higher yields in the wrong place.

(Sorry, the 20 and 48 units are off the table and went
fast but the videos are still ‘live’)

and if you are real conservative but want a higher yield than
this 15 unit is perfect. This is a 9% plus return on a property
that is *LOWER RISK than most bank CD’s. This project is
still available!

Yes, on one hand bright shiny objects can be really compelling
but why risk it? On the other hand the low risk alternative of mutual
funds and bank CD’s can be an alternative for some but why
should you except lower returns than you deserve.

Once you DO see the forest through the trees you will find that
my investment properties are a perfect low risk high yield

Over 200+ investment clients and partners of mine were
once traumatized and without focus until they made the call that changed
their ‘investment life’ 319-350-5378.

Providing you profitable ‘forest through the trees’ investing
alternatives even in this economy.


P.S. The 15 unit will be gone soon too but you have the
opportunity now to take that fresh and profitiable step.
319-350-5378. dg

“Just got back from three-week
vacation…financed by proceeds!”

“The Garman Team is awesome! I just got
back form a three-week vacation financed
by some of the proceeds. Good Job!”

–Rondy Roy, Cedar Rapids, IA

© Darin Garman, 2012
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