Toilet Paper Investing…

One of the things I think we can all agree
about as investors is to invest in something that people genuinely need.

We can come up with a long laundry list of what people need – and chief among these is going to be toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Garman???

Yeah, I would say that most people that I know do actually need toilet paper. I know, you could probably get by with newspapers or catalogs (do they make
catalogs anymore??) but most are not going to get to that level when they can go out and buy toilet paper. So, toilet paper – for what it is worth – is probably a smart investment because it is
definitely needed day after day. I am sure as you are reading this you have some rolls in your home – right??

Well, one of the main reasons so many investors choose to invest in apartments with me here in the Heartland
is because of this. People are smart because they know that one thing people will always need is a roof over their heads. As a matter of fact I have
a scheduled visit with an investor in the coming weeks that will be coming here with a lot of cash to invest in apartments here – Yes because the returns are great and Yes because he does not have to deal with management but do you know the MAIN REASON? Because people
need a place to live – again – smart investing in something that people need – toilet paper investing if you will.

So, a few hours ago I got done reading about a study done by the folks at MIT. Evidently they feel that the world will collapse economically by 2030 due to
the shortage/disappearance of natural resources.

This kind of talk, especially from someone reputable like the folks at MIT, does not worry me or my investors.


Again, because we are investing in something that is needed – housing! Arguably apartments would be even A BETTER INVESTMENT during times of economic collapse mainly because of the affordability and flexibility of moving factor.

Want to get great returns on your money?

Want to invest in something of low, low risk?

Want to make up for lost time or past investment losses faster?

Want to acheive your financial / income goals?

Well, we have the formula don’t we? We sure do…

Yesterday I told you that I just closed on a retail property returning a double digit
cash flow (already)…and a 4-unit that was worth about $189,000 that we got for $160,000…

With those 2 off my plate, it clears the way for a REPO I’m working on, and another long-term investment that will pay 7% plus…year after year after year. Newsflash! This is over triple of what CD’s or money markets are paying
right now and arguably less risk.

Not surprisingly these won’t last long, either.

So if you’re one of those folks who’s been reading my e-mails for the last year or 2 or 3 and are smart
enough to know that you need to invest in very, very good housing…and have been thinking about investing
but just not sure about it…what’s keeping
you from calling me? Maybe just to ask a question or two?

Instead of being on the sidelines watching, you could be like the retired couple I mentioned on Monday…with the
million dollar lake home…so worried about investing 10 years ago…now kicking back on the porch as the sun sets
over the lake.

All it takes is a call to: 319-350-5378.

Reaping profits from even toilet paper (even in THIS economy),


Protecting My Capital NOW!

“It is great working with Darin Garman and owning Heartland Investment real estate. Even though I live in Santa Barbara, California the cash flow, returns, and benefits I get from working with Darin and these apartment investments make it all worthwhile. Not only am I getting a better return that
most conventional investments, this is a great way to protect my capital now and in the future as well.”

–Will Cunningham, Santa Barbara, CA

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