Painful Iowa Jokes..

We take a lot of abuse here in Iowa—from jokes like this:

Q: Why do Iowa students have TGIF on their shoes?
A: Toes Go In First!

Or…as an Iowan, how would you like to be innocently driving
home, and as you come to the Iowa state line, your heart sinks
when you see the official greeting sign that says:

Welcome to Iowa: Set Your Watch Back 5 Years!

I bet YOU don’t think it’s funny, either. And I’m sure
it bothers you how polically incorrect this abuse is!

But if it’s our “backward” ways that have kept us relatively
untouched by the economic meltdown (that the rest of the country
is STILL struggling with), I’m not complaining.

Maybe old-fashioned financial conservatism isn’t backwards
after all…maybe it’s actually a more “advanced” strategy.

Maybe a nation hell-bent for borrowing to the hilt is
what’s backasswards!

But whatever the reason, here in Cedar Rapids, we feel like the
lone house still standing after the tornado’s passed by.

And I have to say, I see the same, steady flow of available properties
coming across my desk as I saw 3 years ago.

Maybe even a few more, since many out-of-town owners are
struggling…fighting the desperate economies where they live.

So they need to pull out the CASH from their properties, and
know I’m in a position to buy. They send me some sweet deals
that make my partner-investors and I, some ridiculous returns.

Maybe that’s why I only hear jokes about pigs, corn, bib overalls,
and how many Iowans it takes to screw in a lightbulb…not about
our investments.

Because my investment partners and I are laughing all the way to
the hick-town banks…with properties like I’ve been talking about
for the last week or so:

** the 48-unit complex on Jacolyn Drive with the projected
cash flow of 7.3…but is more of an “appreciation” strategy

** the 10 single family dwellings that the bank foreclosed on,
then called us to see if we could take them off their hands

** the 4-unit if you don’t have as much to invest (focus on cash flow
strategy, not appreciation so projected cash flow around 12%)

(plus 4 others coming up soon)

But we’re not 3 weeks “out” anymore!

For example, the close on the 12%+ 4 Unit is in about 15 – 25 days.

Call 319-350-5378 for details and to beat the closing dates.

And go ahead, take your best shot. We can handle the jokes
as long as the disbursement checks keep rolling in.

Delivering big-city returns (that don’t dry up next week),


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