NY Times Good News (Us), Bad News (Them)

As most of us know, there’s opportunity in every crisis.

There’s also no shame in delivering a quality service—like providing shelter and a great place to live for those who need it. (It’s NOT being an ambulance chaser!)

That’s the good news about the residential housing crisis.

We’ve got many more potential renters, especially highly-mobile professionals who no longer want the “noose” of a mortgage around their necks.

They need to be able to follow employment opportunities, fast…
to pack up and go at the drop of a hat. So quality apartments are even more in demand—which drives up rents and provides even more cash flow returns for the OWNERS of commercial properties…like my partner investors!

That’s why the NY Times article on Feb. 24 was good news (for us)
and bad news (for “them”)…and I quote:

But one group is sitting pretty: LANDLORDS!

Unlike home prices, rents have been rising, up 2.4 percent in January from a year earlier, according to recent data, not adjusted for inflation, released by the Labor Department.

That’s good news for YOU, if you’re investing with ME.

Because it’s easier to maintain full vacancy, which means higher cash flow and bigger disbursement checks.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that home ownership has decreased from 69.2% to 66.4%, from 2004 to 2011—which is a highly significant 2.4% drop—accounting for a potential 3 million more renters. Also…

Reis, Inc., the real estate data firm, reports a steep drop in vacancy rates over the last 2 years—the sharpest decline in the last decade—for even more potential renters.

So commercial residential real estate, which has always been profitable, stable, and conservative, is on the threshold of
what may be our biggest opportunity ever.

NOW IS THE TIME to invest…because the momentum of this trend will continue for the next couple years no matter what the economy does…even if there’s a miracle turnaround!

But rents are STILL rising so it’s better to get in NOW, before they’re at their peak and won’t go higher!!!

Did I mention NOW?

Sooner than later?

As in, “Call me right away,” before we close on the next 4-unit (one closed last week), the 12-unit, the 30-unit, the 48-unit, the current retail and commercial properties?


Seriously, why wait, and lose the cash-flow potential of the current “landlords” market?

Delivering conservative prosperity to non-procrastinators (even in this whacked-out economy),


P.S. Huckster or NOT?
Make your plans NOW for the upcoming Discovery Day on the last weekend of March. It’s the perfect way to get “eyeballs-on” experience with investing, seeing if I’m just a huckster, walking through the actual properties you can own. And…there’s no charge to pick my brain about ANYTHING you want to know about commercial real estate (I charge $1000 an hour for consulting so it’s a heck of a good deal). Call if you’d like to see the properties we’re going to be touring.

I have come to trust his judgment …
Since dealing with Darin for several years, I have come to trust his judgment and feel he will act in my best interest maximizing my wealth at all time!

Ellis & Mary Lambertsen, Cedar Rapids, IA

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